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Sunnycrest, Inc. is a manufacturing and service business. We manufacture, deliver, and service precast concrete products. These products include such items as burial vaults, septic tanks, manholes, catch basins, utility & drainage structures, and well tile. In addition, we also sell a number of accessories for the products we manufacture. Some of these accessories are plastic pipe, pumps, control panels, alarms, frames & grates, and filter units.

Sunnycrest has two locations. Our main manufacturing plant and office is located at 58 Prospect Street in Auburn, NY. We also have a smaller burial vault manufacturing plant located on Ontario Street in Mexico, NY.

The business was started as a livery service in the 1940's by Kenneth Wellman. Part of his business involved providing service to funeral homes, so the progression to making concrete burial vaults began there. He started manufacturing and delivering concrete burial vaults in the 1950's on the same site that we currently occupy. Within a few years, he also started making concrete septic tanks.

Lowell 'Pete' W. Atkinson, purchased the business in 1968. In 1977 he bought the building and property. Sunnycrest continued making burial vaults and septic tanks, and also started selling leach field pipe.

In July of 1978, he purchased Marsellus Vault & Sales Co. (owned by Marsellus Casket Company), and integrated it into Sunnycrest. With that purchase came a franchise license with Wilbert, Inc., a national company considered to be the 'Leader' in the burial vault business. Wilbert, Inc. provides it's licensees with exclusive sales territories, manufacturing supplies, promotional & advertising materials, and field services. All Wilbert licensees must adhere to a very strict set of specifications, which Wilbert checks regularly.

Bob Atkinson joined the firm full time after graduating from Syracuse University in 1978.  He serves as President.  His brother, Bill, came on board in December of 1985, and is Vice President.  Pete retired in 1986, however he continued to act in an advisory capacity for a few years after that.  He is now deceased.

Over the past several years, Sunnycrest has started manufacturing many other precast concrete products, and has added several different types of plastic pipe and other products/accessories to it's product line. Sunnycrest's customers include funeral directors, general contractors, home builders, municipalities, paving contractors, surveyors, landscapers, and excavators. We also deal regularly with engineers, architects, and other specifiers.

In 1995 we completed construction of a new 38,000 square foot building on our Auburn site. This new state-of-the-art facility houses manufacturing, storage, maintenance, and office functions. In January of 1997, we purchased the assets of Vibrocass Vault Co. in Chittenango, NY. 

We look forward to continued growth and success in the new millennium.  The team at Sunnycrest is clearly focused and customer driven.  The introduction of innovative new products & services and the upgrade of existing products & services is always in the forefront.  







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