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The Non-Aggregate Leach Field System with new Bio-Matt Fabric.  
bulletIn-Drain system pretreats effluent with a two-stage biomat
bulletSystem maintains greater long term leaching capacity
bulletRequires much smaller area than conventional systems
bulletLower site impact and less offsite fill required
bulletends worries about dirty stone and stone dust
bulletMade with lightweight recycled materials
bulletExcellent documented long term track record
bulletThe leach field system with a 10 year warranty

Here's how it works... 

Only the Eljen In-Drain System "pretreats" effluent with a two-stage biomat. 

  Conventional Systems...
      have a single biomat forming at the soil interface.  In-Drains offer 2 biomat layers...
      1) Primary surface on fabric, 2) Secondary a 6": sand Layer. 


Compare New Bio-Matt Fabric vs. Soil Interface 
Recent Studies have shown that the hydraulic conductivity ration (HCR)of nonwoven fabric has a stable long term permeability in contact with sand. Bio-Matt fabric in standard In- Drains offers a comparable environment environment to soil for biomat growth and presents no masking effect on infiltration capacity. Many years of field experience confirm the long term acceptance rates (LTAR) used in sizing In- Drain leach field systems. 

1989 study by Geoservices Inc., Norcross, GA. Fabric photo courtesty Amoco Fabrics & Fibers Co. Concrete sand photo courtesty GRI/ Drexel  


Flexibility of Installation 
bulletMound or in-ground installations
bulletLevel or sloped sites 
bulletLightweight preassembled units 
bulletTrench or cluster (bed) layouts 
bulletD-Box or serial distribution 
bulletNo stone/gravel Cleanup 

Detailed installation guidelines available for all types of systems.  

In-Drain unit specifications 
Type Length Width Height Wt.
A 3' 2' 7" 11 lbs
B 4' 3' 7" 22 lbs
Half B 2' 3' 7" 11 lbs

PDS Prefabricated Drainage Systems 

Eljen's cost effective non-aggregate solution to site water problems. 

Limited Warranty

1. Each In-Drain unit is warranted to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of manufacture when installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Eljen Corp. must be notified within fifteen (15) days of the appearance of any defect during this period. Eljen Corp. will supply a replacement unit. Eljen Corp.'s liability specifically excludes the cost of removal and /or installation of the units. 

2. The warranty does not extend to incidental, consequential, special or indirect damage. Specifically excluded from warranty coverage are: damage due to ordinary wear and tear, alteration, abuse or misuse, subjection to stresses or effluent loading greater than those prescribed in the design and installation instructions, the placement of improper materials by buyer in to buyer's system, any event not caused by or under the control of Eljen Corp. In no event will Eljen Corp. be responsible for loss or damage to the buyer, the units, or any 3rd party resulting from its installation or shipment. 

3.Buyer shall be solely responsible for insuring that installation of the system is completed in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, rules and regulations. 

4. No warranties or representations at any time made by any representative of Eljen Corp. shall vary or expand the provisions hereof. No warranty applies to any party other than the original purchases. 

Extended Warranty

Eljen offers a 10 year warranty for 1 and 2 family residential In-Drain systems. Conditions of system design, installation and maintenance apply. Please refer to detailed warranty available from Eljen or an authorized representative such as Sunnycrest.. 

Eljen, In-Drain and Bio-Matt are trademarks of Eljen Corp.
Copyright 1997 | Eljen Corp | All rights reserved





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