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Custom   Manhole   Utility


Septic System    


60" Manholes at Wal-Mart expansion    60" Manholes at Wal-Mart expansion  Custom


Key Product Lines   

Sunnycrest manufactured                              

bulletCatch Basins
bulletGrease Traps
bulletSeptic Tanks
bulletDistribution Boxes
bulletUtility Structures
bulletAerobic Treatment Structures
bulletPump Stations
bulletWell Tile
bulletBoat Launch Ramps
bulletParking Bumpers
bulletBox Culvert
bulletCustom Structures
Grease Trap Installation


Manholes & N12 Culvert Pipe from Sunnycrest

Sunnycrest distributed                       

bulletSewer & Drain pipe & fittings
bulletInfiltrator Chambers
bulletSchedule 40 pipe & fittings
bulletSDR 35 pipe & fittings
bulletCulvert pipe
bulletControl panels & alarms
bulletZabel Filters
bulletTraditional Siphons
bulletFlout Siphons
bulletFrames, grates, and covers
bulletGeotextile fabrics
bulletEljen  In-Drain Leachfield Systems


Large Diameter Pipe



For more information, contact your local Contractor.    He or she is a  professional who is trained and knowledgeable about the products on this page and other related products and services.
In the Ithaca area and the southern tier region, have your contractor call Johnny's Wholesale, Inc.  Johnny's Wholesale is a service oriented distributor of  Sunnycrest and other high quality products including those listed on this page.   For more information, contact Johnny's via e-mail at:      JohnnysInc@aol.com 





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